KashFlow Cloud Accounting and Payroll

KashFlow Cloud Accounting

Cloud bookkeeping is the Future. we have chosen the wholly UK cloud bookkeeping provider KashFlow cloud accounting, however, we also have clients using ClearBooks, QuickBooks, Xero and Sage One.


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If you do not have an existing KashFlow account and would like a 14 day free trial without obligation, click here.

For video overviews of KashFlow please click KashFlow Overview

To see KashFlow video case studies click KashFlow Case Studies

For KashFlow bookkeeping video tutorials click KashFlow Tutorials

KashFlow Cloud Accounting

For KashFlow Payroll video tutorials click KashFlow Payroll Tutorials

Could you benefit from collecting customer payments by direct debit? Visit the Direct Debit Scheme for Small Businesses page.

At the Dales Accountancy Service we have adopted online based bookkeeping and payroll software packages in order to provide a more pro-active service to our clients.

Online bookkeeping and payroll software enables accountants and their clients to easily access their own financial records at any time, whenever they have access to the internet.

Online bookkeeping and payroll software is considered by many to be the way that the industry is heading because it enables businesses to keep a constant eye on their company’s financial position without having to install costly and bulky software direct onto their computers.

The cloud bookkeeping and payroll systems we support are easy to use for our clients that haven’t had any bookkeeping or payroll training, but still enabled us as their accountants to ‘hold their hand’ throughout the year and to extract the information we need to provide a quality service. The fact that we can access data live over the internet means we can be more pro-active in advising clients and reduce the chances of errors.

All the records held on the system are stored behind a state of the art encryption system that prevents data from being accessed or passed on without the user’s permission.

The first online bookkeeping package that I highly recommend is from the British software developer KashFlow. For a 14 day free trial click here.






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