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Tax E-News Budget Highlights April 2015

All limited companies small or large will now pay just 20{8ee99a90b51e2217d12101096daf2ee9e40c43b9c2fa413e32f91dd0a196a214} corporation tax. I hope this encourages global businesses to not only locate in the UK but to also pay their taxes.

Here is the April 2015 Budget Highlights tax E-Newsletter:

Download ({8ee99a90b51e2217d12101096daf2ee9e40c43b9c2fa413e32f91dd0a196a214}TYPE, {8ee99a90b51e2217d12101096daf2ee9e40c43b9c2fa413e32f91dd0a196a214}SIZE)


Call me if you would like further information on the contents of the tax newsletters.

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