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Addingham Seems to be New Top Gear Circuit

My blog’s on ‘Safety on our roads’ has moved here

I appreciate that Jeremy Clarkson has had his contract terminated by the BBC and the remainder of the Top Gear series will not be aired. I am, however, dismayed that the village I live in, Addingham near Ilkley seems to have replaced York’s Elvington Airfield racing circuit for Top Gear’s ‘sensible car test’.

Roads are dangerous enough without speeding vehicles ploughing through the country roads and villages.

Addingham has a 20 mph speed limit through the main village street. There is a good reason for this, a narrow road with parking, primary school children going to and from school and buses that stop traffic movement when static at a bus stop.

I, like many other drivers, want a fast journey, however, it should not be at the risk of death or injury to others.

I am tired of cars, taxis, council & highway maintenance vehicles and occasionally buses exceeding, not only the 20 mph speed limit but way beyond in excess of 30, 40 and even 50 plus mph!

There are no traffic calming measures in Addingham and hardly any police presence which ‘allows’ drivers to ignore the speed limit in the village. Perhaps it is time to have a police presence to catch speeders (the Treasury would make a fortune from fines – maybe enough to re-instate the Addingham to Ilkley railway perhaps?)

I’ve seen children and the elderly being nearly hit by speeding drivers who find them an inconvenience whilst they crossed the road slowly!

At some time there will be a major accident and quite possibly a child or adult killed. Should we really have to wait for a death of an innocent child or adult before action is taken?

I often see young mothers speeding in their cars with their child in a child seat. How would they feel if another driver killed or injured their child as a result of speeding?

I feel it is time for speed cameras and although I disagree with speed humps in the road, perhaps Addingham warrants them.

Addingham is just one village and I am sure there are many other villages around the country have the same problem with inconsiderate and dangerous drivers.


On Wednesday 8th April, 2015 just a week after this blog there was an accident on Addingham mains street. A car reversed out into the road and a car going along the main street breaked and the car following ploughed into the back of the breaking car that was shunted into the car reversing out. Judging by the damage the car that ploughed into the one in front must have been driving well above the 20 mph speed limit.

Just after the accident, I spotted many cars speeding, plus light goods vehicles and even a Royal Mail van!

My letter in the Ilkley Gazette:

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