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57 Ways to Grow Your Business

We are all on the lookout to grow our businesses and here is a guide to give you a few ideas to consider or to discuss with your marketing consultants. This may be useful for both start-up and established businesses.

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Drought of Alcohol Free Adult Drinks

As a business owner and when on business and/or networking, I get rather frustrated at a pour choice of adult alcohol free drinks in pubs and restaurants.

The average pub offers one beer, typically, Becks Blue or Kalibar and there is generally no choice of de-alcoholised wine. This also applies to hotels and restaurants!

I am sure that there must be some pubs, hotels and restaurants that do offer a good range of alcohol free beers and lagers together with de-alcoholised wines.

Apart from non-drinkers, there are business people that prefer not to drink whilst talking business and networking. In addition, there are the nominated drivers that would like to share a glass of wine but without the alcohol (Drinkaware).

In my view, Germany leads the way for de-alcoholised beers as many German breweries produce their beer range with the alcohol removed. The Germans also produce a good tasting choice of wines that have had the alcohol removed. California and Spain, in my view, also offer a wide selection of quality de-alcoholised wines.

Arial Vineyards of California, with their Arial Blanc, got the attention of the wine world when they won a Gold Medal against wines with alcohol. Since that historic event, Arial wines have been judged in eight professional wine competitions to be superior to wines with alcohol.

De-alcoholised wines are real wines with almost all the alcohol removed rather than grape juice with flavouring. This also applies to the de-alcoholised beers.

I enjoy an alcoholic drink, however, there are times I prefer not to drink alcohol (driving and on business for example) or when I want a clear head the next day.

I would like to encourage owners of pubs, wine bars, hotels and restaurants to offer a range of ‘adult’ alcohol free alternatives (even if the de-alcoholised wine is only offered by the bottle to avoid possible wastage).

If you are a pub, hotel, restaurant owner or individual and don’t know where to buy alcohol free adult drinks from, please email me and I will provide a list of suppliers I buy from. I don’t supply myself but I can let you know who I buy from

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Every Business is a Family Business

‘Every business either gives to the family or takes from the family, just as individual family members do’ – Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth.

Your business is a family business. If your business takes from your family, your family is the first to pay the price. Keep your family informed of how the business is doing, good or bad, as it affects your whole family.

A business is only a business, it is not your life. If you keep the family informed, they can be very supportive in difficult times. Conversely, keep them in the dark, well imagine what could happen.

Food for thought.


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