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Iris Software Investment

The Dales Accountancy Service has invested in the Iris Accountancy Suite for practicing accountants and tax advisers.

For many years I have considered the Iris Accountancy Suite software for accountants and tax advisers in practice to be the Rolls Royce of the industry.

I have used most of the alternative products, some good and others not so good. Like the Rolls Royce car, the Iris Accountancy Suite goes beyond good and moves into the prestige arena.

Again, like a Rolls Royce, the Iris accountancy Suite is not your ‘reasonably priced car’, it comes with a premium price tag. In my view, it is worth paying the premium for the benefits it provides for the accountant/tax adviser and clients alike.

With over 34 years’ experience, Iris is the UK’s leading provider of fully integrated accountancy and taxation solutions for accountants in practice. In addition, Iris has focused on the UK accountancy sector and have an unrivalled understanding of the regulatory challenges and business pressures in the UK.

As the accountancy suite is fully integrated, it ensures that data is only input once for all modules – accounts, tax, company secretarial, client management, KashFlow bookkeeping and payroll, which minimizes the chances of error on duplicating input.

Reminder emails and check lists can also be sent to clients through the system to help them gather together all the information required to complete their tax returns.

There are many more benefits and features to help the practicing accountant and tax adviser to provide a more efficient and beneficial service to clients.

At the Dales Accountancy Service, we are introducing a number of client communication systems of the Iris Accountancy Suite to help in providing timely information and reminders.

One of these elements is provided through Iris OpenSpace. Iris OpenSpace is situated in the cloud to electronically share documents with clients, and gain their electronic approval. Iris OpenSpace has now been optimized for mobile devices, so that clients can view, share and approve documents on their smart phones and tablets as well as their PC’s.

Iris OpenSpace will provide clients with their own personal and confidential space where they can download tax returns, accounts and other documents and electronically approve them if required.

The Dales Accountancy Service will be rolling out Iris OpenSpace and other client communication systems over the next few months.




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